Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bea's Story and Instructions

I am Beatrice Brave,
also known as Bea Brave.
My message is in my name;
I encourage those who hold me
to be brave and take the risk to do the
things they may be denying themselves.
You know those things that you said
“Someday I want to…”, or
“When I have time I will try…”.
I am here to remind you of the promises
you have made to yourself.
Listen to that wee voice inside
that has been urging you on
to try the things you never thought you would.
Sometimes the voice quiets so low
we are able to ignore it.
Now is the time to listen, listen carefully!

As you hold me, think of something you have left undone,
for you no one else;
something that YOU have wanted to do or
something that maybe you felt held back from doing.
As you hold me, envision yourself doing this
and then add something to me
or my box to symbolize that desire.
If you feel so inclined, write about your experience
or do some art about it in my travel journal.
You can create an intention
or just make marks on the page as a symbol of your desire.
If you are someone who has been brave
and done things you never thought you would,
you can add encouraging things to support others
who may still have some unfulfilled dreams.
Anything goes as long as it works for you.
Remember, you are a BRAVE woman
who can do anything that you desire.

YOU Dear One are the gift.
In Bravery and Art, Bea

If any of you who are reading this would like to add your story
please feel free to do so in your comments.
Thank you! In ART, Lore

More photos of Be Brave

Her suitcase! ANd her BOOK! OH and I forgot to tell you in my first post that her magic wand is one that the amazing Deb Gilchrist made for me!

Beatrice Brave is on her way

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Welcome to my Blog!
My intention for this blog is to share art and inspiration. It is so important for my well-being to create art everyday; from a small doodle to a sculpture. I believe that everything is art!
This doll is a doll I have created for a healing art doll round robin. The idea is to pick something you wish to work on healing-wise and create a doll that others will add to. I will also create a book to go along with her on her journey for her healing story and information she gains. She has a suitcase in progress to travel in.
In any case, her theme is about bravery and beginning this blog is a step toward being brave for me. So, I decided to post her for my first blog entry. I will keep you posted on her progress and share her as she leaves and when she returns to me.
Wishing you an art-filled New Year and the courage to face your bravery and
turn your back on your fears.
In Art, Lore