Sunday, January 4, 2009


Welcome to my Blog!
My intention for this blog is to share art and inspiration. It is so important for my well-being to create art everyday; from a small doodle to a sculpture. I believe that everything is art!
This doll is a doll I have created for a healing art doll round robin. The idea is to pick something you wish to work on healing-wise and create a doll that others will add to. I will also create a book to go along with her on her journey for her healing story and information she gains. She has a suitcase in progress to travel in.
In any case, her theme is about bravery and beginning this blog is a step toward being brave for me. So, I decided to post her for my first blog entry. I will keep you posted on her progress and share her as she leaves and when she returns to me.
Wishing you an art-filled New Year and the courage to face your bravery and
turn your back on your fears.
In Art, Lore


  1. She is your alter ego and mascot! Yay! You started a blog! I am so impressed and looking forward to seeing all that you will show us.

    I second the vote on being brave. I have a mantra too. I got it from John Lennon: "turn off your mind, relax and float downstream"

    I think he meant the critical, scared, judgemental, worried and self-limiting mind. Of course that is just my interpretation but I am sticking to it.

    I am going to follow your blog Lore and we will continue to learn from each other.


  2. Great going Lore. Love your doll and the whole idea of the exchange. Wishing you a very "brave" year!

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  4. Lore...
    I love the color of this doll...she generates to me a great power...and the stitching on the outside of her shows me strength...I have a desire to make a healing doll of my own...and have now been more than inspired to do so!! Thank you for sharing...and sending stars and blessings for your new blog!
    Artfully YOurs,