Sunday, January 25, 2009

More photos of Be Brave

Her suitcase! ANd her BOOK! OH and I forgot to tell you in my first post that her magic wand is one that the amazing Deb Gilchrist made for me!


  1. Oh Lore – she is fabulous. And her book and her little suitcase, omigosh I love her suitcase! What a great idea for a swap.

    May Beatrice's travels be joyful and enlightening.


    PS – that Inspector No. 83 tag is a treasure, lol.

  2. Wonderful beginning to a round robin!

    Do keep us posted!

  3. Thanks Lani and Deb!
    I hear she has moved on to her second stop. I am still waiting to get my first doll who is going to visit for a while. Soon I hope!
    Be well,Lore