Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jewelry Zine

I was lucky enough to be asked by my ART BUDDIE Catherine Witherall to contribute to a Jewelry Zine she and Deryn Mentock were putting together. I remember when I got the email from her asking me, I emailed back and said "Who me? Are you sure?" She said "YES you silly!" After much trepidation and then much encouragement from Catherine I did a page. Friday I got the zine in the mail and WOW it is totally amazing. To read more about it you can go to her blog She has lots of cool stuff there! My page is a wearable doll pin called, "Wee Muse Messengers", you can make for yourself. The Zine's are a limited edition and let me tell you again, it is amazing and beautiful. I am honored to be in such great company of artists in the Zine. Thank you Catherine, You are so supportive and believe so strongly in the collaboration of artists that you put so much into this project and it shows! You sure are great at spreading JOY!


  1. Dear Lore, I'm a happy person!! Today your lovely 'wee doll' walked in my house... she is so unique, lovely, ... even more beautiful than I could ever imagine, really!! She has now a special place, just near my 'working-table', close to me to help me to 'create'!! Be sure, I'll take good care of her!!! By times, I'll let you know how she's doing!!

    Greetings & thanks again,


  2. Those wee dolls are so cute! I've always been partial to little things. Hmm. I'm glad I've never told my Psychiatrist that! Who knows what that means?!


  3. Wow, Lore, how cool - I'll definitely look it up!
    patti (14 Secrets)

  4. that's awesome, Lore. i just got mine, so i'll have to go find your page. congrats and then pin looks fun to make!