Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wow Time Flies!
Here is a pendant I have made for a round robin from the Charmsters Yahoo group(one group of MANY, I must add!) I belong to. The idea was that we had to create a center piece with any theme we wanted and put it on a chain (which I also made),and we had to include a mailing box and a book. I went a little nuts and made a padded fiber holder to go with it as well. In any case, the theme of my pendant is "Always Make Time for Art!" It is an old watch that the parts are loose in and has a broken watch face in it, as well as some other collage emements. It is hanging from a key and those of you who know me, know that if I am not making art I am not in balance, therefore, the key to my balance is ART and more ART and then even MORE! Hanging from the watch is a colored pencil, a pen point, and an artist with a heart line. Off it went to NY and then on to 8 other amazing women who will add to it. I will post a photo when it comes back to me.

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  1. Well now, I am sure looking forward to seeing it when it comes back. I like it. Love all the wraps of your wire and the elements are interesting because YOU have a name and a story of each.