Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Wow! So much has happened, let me see! I did go to ARTFEST! It was a total blast, Here is a photo of me and my BFF's! Vanessa and Judy from Arizona. Oh my we had such a great time. We laughed so hard our cheeks cramped up.
The classes were awesome as usual! I took PMC Frameworks from Catherine Witherall(the PMC Goddess for sure) . I learned so many new things and made an awesome pendant with a photo in the center of it. Way cool!
Nina Bagly was Friday and I learned so many techniques I know it will improve my jewelry designs.
I am so excited to drill holes in rocks and glass! Woohoo!
Michael Deming was my last day and he is amazing! We made mini Nicho's out of matchboxes. I am totally into making these!
I will post photos soon! Promise.
My GRANGIRL called me today and told me she is a follower of my blog so I would like to welcome Bella Boo! I love that girl all the way to the moon and back and back and back....


  1. Hey, these three look like they are having a blast.
    Either that or they all remembered to take their
    meds! Glitter on, babes!

  2. I like the meds comment. Know it isn't true. Oh and now I see your friends Lore. Wish the photo was bigger.